You Must...

Play the cello

Cello does not have to be your main instrument, but you must know how to play the cello and you must perform on cello for this event.

Submit this registration form by April 30th, 2019

If you have trouble filling out the form online or wants to share more information, please email

Attend dress rehearsal for all the pieces you perform in

Dress rehearsal time slots are between 2 to 6 pm same day as the concert. If you cannot attend or miss part of the dress rehearsal, you will not play in the piece(s) you missed. You will receive a detailed schedule at least two weeks prior to the event. You may have different dress rehearsal times as your friends depending on which pieces you are assigned to perform.

Return signed form by May 10th, 2019 if you are under 18

If you are under 18, you will receive an emergency contact and waiver form from us via email. This form must be signed by your parent(s) or guardian and returned to us promptly. If we fail to receive this form by May 10th, 2019, you may not attend the event as a performer.

Invite all your family and friends to the concert

Do share the amazing sound of a cello orchestra with the world. This is a free event (donations are always encouraged and greatly appreciated), so encourage everyone you know to come!

No Exceptions.


I have taken cello lessons for less than two years. I can play pizzing and bowing. I am comfortable in the first position, but I am still learning to explore the rest of the cello.


I have played cello for at least two years. I can comfortably play two to three octave scales, but I am still learning harder techniques to help me play more cello repertoire.


I have played (or can play) pretty much anything out there. I am just enjoying music-making, staying on top of my technical exercises, and perfecting my tone these days.


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